your guide

on the way

to your perfume

My name is Irena Kozelská and I have been interested in perfumes, perfumery and sensory perception for more than twenty years. In 2019 my passion became a beloved job.


What are credentials of a perfume guide? Right now, there is no such an education. Experts in olfactory culture come from circles of historians, historians of art, cultural anthropoIogists, philologist and linguists. So do I.


I worked originally as a translator and interpreter and I have always loved beauty and language, the beauty of language and the language of beauty. I found a way to make scents conscious and so savour them till the last breath: through synesthesia. A concurrence of harmonious sensory perceptions.

My tools are a keen eye for beauty and the ability to put beauty into words, my customers people and fragrances. You and scents. I will help you find each other. Translate your soul into scent.




my philosophy

I believe that perfume is a form of art and it has its own character just as a human being.


I believe that the power of personality lies in authenticity, and when the character of a person resonates with the character of a perfume, something magical is about to happen.

I believe that good things need to mature and giving time and space to senses makes sense.


I believe that a human being understands another human being best and empathy creates the truest connection.

I believe that real transformations are set in motion by emotions.

about synestesis

The project Synestesis was born of a great love for beauty and a great desire to make your life more beautiful: touch your emotions through scents.

It took me a while to find the right "modus operandi". Perfumes are often seen as a dispensable superficiality, and show them as an art, a remedy, a path to oneself seemed rather eccentric.

Nonetheless today, thanks to Synestesis, there is something which I believe has lacked until now in the perfume landscape: a bridge between the beauty made by perfumers and a human being seeking a way to reach it. By means of individual consultations, group workshops and writing about perfumes Synestesis accompanies each to other: an individual to a scent, a scent to an individual.